Moore News!

March 22nd, 2015

Things are really ramping up for the sailing season to get underway  -

The Blakely Rock Benefit ( is quickly approaching and word on the street is 4 boats are committed to race!  #26 is entered and #72, #60 and #44 (yes, a new boat in town) are going to enter.  Who else wants to join in?

To kick the season off, Ben and Jennifer are going to host a Fleet Party on Friday, April 3rd – yes, the night before Blakely Rock Benefit!  The Fleet Party will start around 5PM or so and go late I am sure.  We’ve got a turkey and a keg of beer and some appetizers, I believe the newest NW Fleet members, Mikki & Chon are bringing a Salmon for grilling.  It would be great if the rest of you bring side dishes – Thanksgiving dinner type sides or whatever you desire!

Next up will be the Tulip Regatta April 25/26, the Race to the Straits May 3&4 and then the Eugene Reservoir to meet up with some Oregon boats on memorial day weekend.  If you are planning on doing any of these races, or others, speak up early so others can make plans to join you!

But, even though the season is getting started it doesn’t mean that boats haven’t been out sailing!


#72, Morphine, is putting in their time on the boat and have been competing in the Center Sound Series and are currently sitting 5th out of 8 in their class after two races and a super windy Scatchet Head race.


And this past Saturday #26, More Uff Da, and #72, Morphine, finished up the 5 race Snowbird Series with beautiful sunny skies and winds in the 25 to 30 knot range.  Some serious downwind rippin’ runs with Morphine clocking over 15 knots of boatspeed at times.  I think they’re learning the boat just fine… 1st overall on the day to #26 & 2nd overall on the day to #72!


And while these boats have been out sailing Chon (pronounced Sean) Pieruccioni quietly snuck down to southern California and adopted #44!


Come on by the fleet party before the Blakely Rock Benefit and welcome Chon and his wife Mikki to this crazy fleet of old cult boats.


Moore News

February 15th, 2015


Winters been rolling along rather nicely up here in the PNW with 2 Moores, #72 and #26, out racing in the SBYC Snowbird Series and #132 joining them for the STYC Iceberg race.  There’s one local sailor searching for a boat and a couple great boats for sale right now so it should be an easy search.

With Spring just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about what races you want to join in on.  There are a ton of options out there, so to simplify things we put together a list of races that we are pretty sure some PNW Moore’s will be showing up for.  That list is Here, so go take a look and if your interested in doing an upcoming race start talking about it through the Moore facebook page or via email so other boats know to join in as well.  Interestingly, at the bottom of the race list is two cruise ideas – yes Cruising on your Moore.  Highly recommended and can be a fun way for a small group of boats to deliver to an out of town race or the cruise can be a rally race of it’s own.  Give it some thought and lets talk more about it.  You can get more information on the Washington marine parks pass here.

Message from our Fleet Prez!

January 15th, 2015

Moore sailors,

I was sure at the onset that I could prove by deductive reasoning that the Roadmaster schedule was a fundamentally over-constrained problem, and that no single solution could exist to satisfy all requirements. No worries, we’ll prove it true.

That said – Introducing the 2015 Roadmaster schedule, where no 2014 great ideas about racing on holiday weekends are allowed, we tell mother nature what’s up, and the Moore 24 reaches back to its roots over highway 17.

January 31 Three Bridge Fiasco SSS

March 14-15 Spring Keel StFYC

May 16-17 PCCs SCYC

June 6 Delta Ditch Run SSC

June 27-28 Joel Verutti Memorial Huntington

August 8-9 The Gorge HRYC

August 28-30 Nationals RYC

October 3-4 Fall Regatta SCYC

Series scoring will be low points-scoring, with no throwout. That’s an intentional departure from the accommodations made since 2002. It means every race is a big deal for those placing in Roadmaster.

We’ll have a Shorthanded series announced shortly, that will start with DHF in March (also watch for an announcement on turnkey setup for DHF’s version of NCORC).

A huge thanks to all those helping out on the governing board and from whom you’ll be hearing throughout the year:

Vice President – Sydney Moore

SC Fleet Captain – Scott Nelson

SF Fleet Captain – Pete Trachy

Treasury – John Siegel

SC Measurer – Scott Sorensen

SF Measurer – Steve McCarthy

And the supremely experienced technical committee who will help find the balance as the fleet evolves.

Bart Hackworth

Morgan Larson

Mike O’Callahan

Peter Schoen

Kathryn Meyer

Our webmaster Scott Jackson, who will roll out the new website next month (stand by for all these updates on the existing Moore site within the next few days)

And Mark English for being our tireless 2014 Prez.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Three Bridge.


Weekend Fun

January 12th, 2015

What did you do this weekend?  Your boat misses you.  But three PNW boats had some active handling this weekend with #72 Morphine & #26 More Uff Da taking on the 3rd race in the Snowbird Series.  Light winds building to 9 knots at one point in the race got the fleet around the short winter course off Shilshole Marina.  Race #4 in the series is coming up in February!

#72 Morphine on their way to 3rd place.

#72 Morphine on their way to 3rd place.

#26 More Uff Da on their way to 1st place

#26 More Uff Da on their way to 1st place

#109, EverMoore is taking on the South Sound series this year and made it out off Des Moines Saturday morning for Race #2, the Duwamish Head race.  Fortunately, for everyone in the race, they were blessed with good friends and a great photographer (Jan Anderson) since they were not blessed with enough wind to start the race down south.  So as the snowbirders were sailing around their course a few hours north the Duwamish Headers were milling around getting their photo’s taken until the race was finally canceled.

Rhys at Duwamish Head

#109 EverMoore at Duwamish Head.

See you on the water soon!

Moore Adoptions!

January 8th, 2015

A few PNW Moore 24’s changed hands this past year, without following the proper adoption procedures, but we feel they have gone to worthy owners that understand the obligations they are taking on.

By Hull Number:

#16 Salt Shaker sold from Bainbridge Island to Zak Norris. Zak took the boat up to Anacortes to upgrade and get out sailing in 2015

#16 on its trailer after purchase

#16 on its trailer after purchase

#37, Seldom Seen, sold from its rebirth Hood River Home to Andrew Estcourt, also of Hood River.

#37 2013 Hood River PCC's

#37 2013 Hood River PCC's

#37 2013 PCC's Hood River

#37 2013 PCC's Hood River

#39, Pura Vida, sold from it’s loving home in Hood river to Julio Predes, also of Hood River.  Julio has been out sailing with his son and friends getting the boat up to speed in the challenging but beautiful conditions of Hood River Oregon

#39 with Mt. Hood in the background

#39 with Mt. Hood in the background



#72, The Mighty Morphine sold from Bainbridge Island to Nick Farley and Kandace Glavick.  The duo brought the boat all they way over to Ballard and have been getting up to speed in the various PNW races.  The one rule they where given was they can absolutely never change the color of the cockpit.  If they do, we will paint it back.


#72 at Rum Run 2014

Morphine Owners

Nick Farley and Kandace Glavick

#109 EverMoore was sold from Victoria British Columbia to one Captain Ryhs Balmer.  Ryhs quickly brought the boat south to Tacoma and jumped right in to the Winter Vashon race.  This is one of the boats rescued from the East Coast, it’s great to see her continue to be active in the PNW.


#109 at the start of Winter Vashon 2014

EverMoore 2

#109 at the start of Winter Vashon 2014

#114, everyone’s favorite Poore Decisions, was sold to another owner in Hood River Oregon as Mr. Walsh moved off to the Midwest.  #114 is also an East Coast Rescue and continues to show off her abilities in the challenging conditions of Hood River, Oregon.

#114 with Mt. Hood in the background.

#114 with Mt. Hood in the background.

Boats are changing hands, getting upgraded and new life is breathing into these old slippery ULDB’s.  There are a few more for sale currently, so if you’re thinking of adopting one of these little cult boats be sure to fill out your adoption paperwork and we’ll do everything we can to help and welcome you into the fleet.

Blakely Rock Benefit

March 31st, 2014

Coming up this weekend is the Blakely Rock Benefit – traditionally the kick off race for the PNW Moore 24 fleet with boats coming up from Hood River often for this one.

14856_10151917437240778_1734048040_nSo far there are 66 boats entered and only two Moore 24’s have stepped up and made plans for the event.  Do you really want to miss this?


I didn’t think so….STYC.ORG to enter

2014 Farallones

March 25th, 2014
PNW Sailor and previous Moore 24 owner Andy Schwenk just did his first Double Handed Farallones race on #118 Banditos – Here is his report!

med_gallery_2_111_62261I have wanted to do this race ever since I first sailed a Moore 24 at Spring Keel Regatta in 2003. John Kernot, captain of the Banditos 118, was kind enough to invite me this year. Friday morning we made the required rounds at West Marine picking up last minute safety items, the list was long and actually kind of interesting as the host club is a multihull outfit and since I usually sail in the Seattle under a different set of rules it was very interesting. We launched at Richmond in the afternoon and had a terrific reach across the Bay with the #3. St Francis was accommodating as usual and the drink prices have gone up again. For free moorage it’s probably worth it. Saturday morning was calm and most of the boats without engines were drifting or tied to the wave attenuator at the harbor entrance. Since the wind was light the Committee postponed the start until the wind completely died and started firing shots and hoisting flags 45 minutes later. The Moores paddled, motored and drifted into the start box of GGYC and at least two were swept over early even as they tried to deploy anchors, man that sucks! We now struggled in a driftathon to clear the South Tower. Once under the bridge the wind filled from the South west as predicted by Windfinder and our strategy to play out to the North cost us big time, Mas and Mooretician had the jump on us. The wind continued to build and clock and we battled back to within a hundred yards or so constantly fighting for clear air from bigger boats, even a couple boats just out for a cruise had to camp on us. The wind went light around 2pm and we went North again in search for wind, this time Mas really crushed us by going South and led the way around the mark with Mooretician hot on her heels followed by us. We set the kite as we ran past the island/rock and we gybed inside and gained a bit. We surfed our way home on the rhumbline and as we approached the bridge we were again only 100yds behind the leading Mooretician. They played the North beach in less ebbing current and we played the middle in more wind. The mighty 89 could not be stopped and after 50 odd miles of sailing held us off by less than 2 minutes. This is the best I have ever sailed in a race I did not win. John drove the entire way except for about 3 twenty minute breaks and really taught me a lot about sailing small boats in the ocean. Plenty of twist in the sails, steady hand on the helm, and tenacious persistence to grind them down….

Andy Schwenk
Owner – Northwest Rigging

Lake Chelan Regatta

September 16th, 2013

Sailboats, Scenery, Camping, Wind & Fun – you can’t ask for much more for a sailing regatta! The Annual Lake Chelan Sailing Regatta, organized by the Lake Chelan Sailing Association, brought in boats from as far away as Oregon, the Puget Sound and Eastern British Columbia to join with the extensive Chelan fleet of private and sailing association owned boats. The Flying Scots and San Juan 21’s had the numbers for one design starts combined with classes of over 20’ boats, under 20’ boats and a multi-hull fleet ranging from a 27’ trimaran on down to the single person Hobie catamarans.

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Race 5 in the NW Trek, Lake Chelan!

August 15th, 2013

The 41st annual Lake Chelan Sailing Regatta, organized by the Lake Chelan Sailing Association, will take place on September 7&8, 2013. This event is open to all sailboats and sailors of all skill levels. Classes may include AC72, San Juan 21, Flying Scot, Hunter 140, multis and Portsmouth.

Registration will be available starting at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday. The skipper’s meeting will be at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday with the first race starting at 11:00 a.m. No starts will occur after 5:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Saturday Evening there will be a dinner party at Rusty’s Nut Farm starting whenever everyone gets there. Musicians are encouraged to bring your instruments. Don’t miss the party!

Racing will resume on Sunday with the first race at 10:00 a.m., no races will start after 2:00 p.m. on Sunday. (We try to make it easy on the road warriors). The plan is to sail at least three races on Saturday and at least two on Sunday but plans are subject to change depending on conditions.

This is a fun event and is not a points race for most classes, protests are discouraged but friendly conversation or water balloons at ten paces to help educate less experienced sailors is welcomed. All sailors are required to comply with Washington State Boating Law and the event is conducted following most of the USSA Rules of Racing or at least the ones we can remember.
Lake Chelan is a resort area with many hotels and camping accommodations, more information is available by contacting the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce at 1-800-4CHELAN or Chelan City Parks at 509-682-8024. Free limited facility camping for tents and RVs is available at Rusty’s Nut Farm as well (large grass area and a couple of dogs to keep you warm).

Join us for a great weekend of sailing! Race Chair, Russ Jones 509-860-3616

Registration Form

Notice of Race

#16 Finds a New Home!

July 28th, 2013


#16 SaltShaker on her way to her new home in Anacortes, Washington.

New owner Zachary Norris – “Plans for the Moore would entail around Anacortes for a year or so then further afield. My kids are pretty young, but came out on the Bear for most of Race Week. I see myself doing alot of the shorthand races, as well as center and south sound stuff. Possibly roadmaster in a few years time.

Congratulations Zac, hope to see you out sailing her soon!