PNW Races & Results

2018 well underway and  the Moore’s are out racing and doing well.   Below are races that some of the PNW Moore 24’s have competed in and say they will be at.  So talk it up, join in and most importantly get ready to have some fun.  Please keep me informed of other races to include below.  If you have any updates or input please email me at


SBYC Snowbird Series

November 2017 through March 218 – one race a month – 5 races

#16, Amarillo, Registered – 2nd in class B for the series

#72, Morphine, Registered – 4th in class B for the series

STYC Iceberg Race

January 20th, 2018

#72, Morphine, Registered – 1st in class, 2nd Overall

Center Sound Series 2018

Blakely Rock Light, Skagit Head, Three Tree Point

March, 2018

#72, Morphine, Registered – 3rd Blakely Rock, 2nd Skagit Head

STYC Carol Pearl Blakely Rock Benefit

April 7, 2018

#26, More Uff Da, Registered

SCYC Made In Santa Cruz Regatta

May 26-27, 2018

#26, More Uff Da, Registered

Moore 24 Nationals

August 10, 11, 12

#26, More Uff Da, Registered

#111, Morjito, Registered

#145, Electric Mayhem, Registered

#23, Space Toaster, Registered

#127, Bruzer, Registered

#37, Seldom Seen, Registered

Chelan Sailing Regatta

September 8-9, 2018

#26, More Uff Da, Planning on going

#111, Morjito, Planning on going

CYCS Puget Sound Sailing Championships

#26, More Uff Da, Planning on going

#111, Morjito, Planning on going

#145, Electric Mayhem, Planning on going

#23, Space Toaster, Planning on going

#132, Sputnik, Planning on going

#47, Moorality, Planning on going

Cruises (Ideas)

1). Cruise Lake Chelan top to bottom between the Pentiction Grand Prix and the Chelan Regatta.   #26 More Uff Da will be doing this

2). San Juan Islands Rally Race summer of 2018.  Here’s what I want to organize, a week of sailing in the San Juan Islands, sleeping on boats and beaches, racing between islands and ports.  This would be hoot if anyone is interested – talk to me.

3).  Columbia River Rally Race Summer of 2018.  Same as the San Juan Islands but do it on the river west of Cascade locks maybe.