PNW Races & Results

2017 is proving to be a re-energizing year to Get Out The Boat for the PNW Moore 24 Fleet.  Below are races that some of the PNW Moore 24’s will be at.  So talk it up, join in and most importantly get ready to have some fun.  Please keep me informed of other races to include below.  If you have any updates or input please email me at


October 7 & 8, CYC Seattle Puget Sound Sailing Championships

**This is not only a PNW Race but is on the California fleets schedule as well so figure on a bit bigger fleet than normal.  If you like buoy racing make the effort to attend this one.  CYC Seattle Race Chair came to me to ask what they could do for the Moore fleet – I told him to get a pig.  You get a roast piggie and no one will care what happens on the race course!

Currently Committed to racing:

  • #47 Moorality – Oregon (registered)
  • #26 More Uff Da – Seattle (registered)
  • #72 Morphine – Seattle (registered)
  • #111 Morjito – Hood River, Oregon (registered)
  • #131 La Lucha Moore – Seattle (Registered)
  • #124 More Cowbell – Seattle (Registered)
  • #13 Amoore – Sidney, British Columbia (Registered)
  • #16 Amorillo – Seattle

November 11-12, OIYC & FHSC Round the County

**The mother of all races, Round the County is the most grueling race I’ve not finished as well as the most amazing race we’ve planed around the island  finishing 2nd overall.  It’s tough logistically and does require shore support if you plan to race with a full crew.  My recommendation is to get a cabin in Snug Harbor, they have docks and are right next to the Sunday morning starting area.  Get it now!  Registration for the race opens on September 4th and it will sell out in 72 hours – so register on the 4th if you want to come.  Put in at Cap Sante using the hoist, leave Saturday morning at 6:15am to make the starting area and send your shore support to the ferry.

Currently Committed to racing:

  • #109 EverMoore – Anacortes, Washington (registered)
  • #47 Moorality – Portland, Oregon (registered)
  • #26 More Uff Da – Seattle, Washington (registered)
  • #138 MAS! – San Francisco, California (registered)
  • #133 Rushmoore – Portland, Oregon (registered)
  • #127 Bruzer – Hood River, Oregon (registered)

Cruises (Ideas)

1).  San Juan Islands Rally Race summer of 2018.  Here’s what I want to organize, a week of sailing in the San Juan Islands, sleeping on boats and beaches, racing between islands and ports.  This would be hoot if anyone is interested – talk to me.

2).  Columbia River Rally Race Summer of 2018.  Same as the San Juan Islands but do it on the river west of Cascade locks maybe.