2014 Farallones

PNW Sailor and previous Moore 24 owner Andy Schwenk just did his first Double Handed Farallones race on #118 Banditos – Here is his report!

med_gallery_2_111_62261I have wanted to do this race ever since I first sailed a Moore 24 at Spring Keel Regatta in 2003. John Kernot, captain of the Banditos 118, was kind enough to invite me this year. Friday morning we made the required rounds at West Marine picking up last minute safety items, the list was long and actually kind of interesting as the host club is a multihull outfit and since I usually sail in the Seattle under a different set of rules it was very interesting. We launched at Richmond in the afternoon and had a terrific reach across the Bay with the #3. St Francis was accommodating as usual and the drink prices have gone up again. For free moorage it’s probably worth it. Saturday morning was calm and most of the boats without engines were drifting or tied to the wave attenuator at the harbor entrance. Since the wind was light the Committee postponed the start until the wind completely died and started firing shots and hoisting flags 45 minutes later. The Moores paddled, motored and drifted into the start box of GGYC and at least two were swept over early even as they tried to deploy anchors, man that sucks! We now struggled in a driftathon to clear the South Tower. Once under the bridge the wind filled from the South west as predicted by Windfinder and our strategy to play out to the North cost us big time, Mas and Mooretician had the jump on us. The wind continued to build and clock and we battled back to within a hundred yards or so constantly fighting for clear air from bigger boats, even a couple boats just out for a cruise had to camp on us. The wind went light around 2pm and we went North again in search for wind, this time Mas really crushed us by going South and led the way around the mark with Mooretician hot on her heels followed by us. We set the kite as we ran past the island/rock and we gybed inside and gained a bit. We surfed our way home on the rhumbline and as we approached the bridge we were again only 100yds behind the leading Mooretician. They played the North beach in less ebbing current and we played the middle in more wind. The mighty 89 could not be stopped and after 50 odd miles of sailing held us off by less than 2 minutes. This is the best I have ever sailed in a race I did not win. John drove the entire way except for about 3 twenty minute breaks and really taught me a lot about sailing small boats in the ocean. Plenty of twist in the sails, steady hand on the helm, and tenacious persistence to grind them down….

Andy Schwenk
Owner – Northwest Rigging

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