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The Season’s over

Monday, October 10th, 2011

PSSC marked the final race on the NW Trek calendar and also our Fleet Championships.  Sailed off of Shilshole in light air in a 6 boat fleet #124 More Cowbell dominated the weekend and took home the Perpetual Championship Trophy for the second time in 4 years.  With this win they also come out on top of the NW Trek standings taking 1st by 1 point over #26 More Uff Da.  With no boats doing all 6 races, only 2 boats raced 5 of them, it came down to having the best throw-outs for this 2 throw-series.  Check out the result totals above for all the placings.

Here is a little message from our outgoing fleet Captain, Doug Archbald

I am delighted to write this email in advance of the PSSC weekend and announce that Julia Wenegrat has agreed to take over as the NW Fleet Captain. I am sure most of you know Julia by now. She and her husband Jacob are the proud new owners of #60 (Moorosaurus), and if you have had the pleasure of meeting Julia you know her smile and her enthusiasm. I think Julia is going to make a terrific fleet captain! Be sure to take a moment to thank her this weekend for taking the job. It is truly a service to us all to have someone like Julia representing the fleet and organizing the sport and the boats we love!

As for my time as the fleet captain, I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has participated in events, given feedback, written articles, or done all the things that many of you do to support the fleet and its captain. I appreciated all the help and the involvement. I hope that participation will grow in the coming years. I truly value racing in the NW fleet, and it has been great to see us all get better as sailors as we race together. I look forward to many years of great racing in the future.

My final thought relative to passing the NW Fleet torch; the single most important, simple thing that everyone can do to support the fleet captain is to engage in the conversation of the day. Even if all you have to say is that you aren’t coming to an event, take just a moment to jump on the email and let the fleet know that. It lets the fleet captain know that they are working for something that people appreciate, and it builds our identity as a group.