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Surviving Down the Sound

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

While the tough NW Moore persons challenged the Gorge, Jake Kennedy and I sailed south to Gig Harbor in the Sloop Tavern YC “Down the Sound” event (summer version of the Race to the Straits). Well, we sailed about 3/4ths of the time – we drifted the rest. Drifted and waited, and hoped, and cursed and watch our fortunes rise and fall in the fickle, cruel tides and winds. Actually, the first half of each day was pretty nice with Sputnik right up there with the leading boats (that means we watched and followed Mark Brink aboard the amazing Ladybug) until we ran out of air and into a ebbing tide as we tried to cross the halfway mark on the north end of Vashon island. We didn’t make it – only a few boats did – those with BIG spinnakers (which I once again realized RULE in very light air). So we, and some 40 others, turned motors for a long grind south to Gig Harbor arriving about 8:00 for a nice moorage and really FINE catered dinner. Up Sunday morning looking for OB gas, anticipating another drifter north through the strange tidal currents of Clovos Passage.

Happily, we had a favorable southerly for the start and by playing the east side beach, we were right up there with the lead boats (in a constant tete a tete with the Express 27 Ultimate Reality) with all of us following Lady Bug who began to do another horizon job. We were about the 4th boat to cross the mid-point and exit Clovos Passage. We then had to commit to passing Blake Island one way or the other – the Express went west and we went east into what seemed a building southeasterly breeze. But it slowly died and died and died. The next 3 hours were spent broiling in the sun with collapsed spinnaker watching boats take various drift routes north. Some sailed deep into the Seattle harbor before moving along the Magnolia bluff. That seemed smart – for a while. . . Our spinnaker seldom filled but the boat did move north – or was it just the ebb tide.

The cut off time was 7:00. At 4:30 we were in mid channel opposite West Point. Ladybug was between us and the Point, constantly changing from kite to jib, kite to jib. The Magnolia bunch were static. Three GIANT cruise ships went between us and Ladybug. It was nearing 5:00. We’d been rolling and slating for some four hours in the sun.

So, I invoked my age and suggested to Jake “F… this” and turned on the outboard. Of course, half way back to Shilshole, a northerly began to fill in – although not at first for the fleet camped out back at West Point. As we hoisted the boat out at Shilshole we did hear someone get the finishing horn. (at this writing, the results still have not been posted)! I had conflicting feelings about quitting. However some 17 hours of sitting on the Moore over 2 days, no more beer, dehydrated, frustrated by slop, tides, wind and no wind, it was good to quit. After all, it was just a sailboat race. . .

Steve Bunnell, Jake Kennedy, Moore 24 Sputnik

Upcoming PNW Moore Races

Thursday, August 11th, 2011


With only 2 races left to get one design Moore 24 racing in the Pacific Northwest it’s time to come together as a fleet and show up with strong numbers! First up is the Port Madison Yacht Clubs Round Bainbridge Island Race on September 25th and 26th. This one is a blast! Boats start off the NE end of Bainbridge Island at Pt. Monroe. They then head south around the southern end of the island and through the strong running Rich Passage to Bremerton where they spend the night. Potluck side dish dinner with a YC sponsored BBQ followed by stories on the dock until the wee hours. Sunday morning the fleet races from Bremerton North up the West side of Bainbridge Island, through Agate Pass to the finish off of Hidden Cove.


So far our fleet captain, Doug Archbald, is planning on bringing his Moore (#111) up from Oregon and #26 is planning on being out. Both of these boats will be going double handed, which we recommend for sleeping on the boat but if you want to bring 3 go right ahead – we’d rather have more boats out than have someone not come because they aren’t comfortable racing with only 2. If you have any questions please email them to, or at


Following this race #111 will be looking for a spot to leave their Moore for the time up until CYC Seattle’s PSSC which is also our fleet Championships this year. If you have a spot they can park it please let us know it’s available at The Puget Sound Sailing Championship is buoy racing held off of Shilshole Bay Marina on October 8th and 9th. Some fun challenging buoy racing to finish the year for the PNW Moore fleet. Please chime in that you are coming so we can let CYC know we will have a fleet. Email your RSVP to and let us know if you are coming. With 5 boats in the dry yard, #26 and #111 we should have a strong start with 7 boats. If you have space for travelers at your house offer it up and help get people involved!


PNW Moore News

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Ok, it’s been awhile but some fun and crazy stuff has been happening this summer with the fleet boats. We havn’t been sailing together much, but boats are still active and about. How far back to go?

Three Moore’s entered the new STYC Three Buoy Fiasco this past spring. What a blast that was. More Uff Da took 3rd in Class, More Cowbell took 4th and Sputnik took 6th on this fun sunny windy day.

More Cowbell at Three Buoy Fiasco

More Uff Da and Morjito traveled down to Whiskey Town California for the Whiskey Town Lake regatta, on the Roadmaster list. It was an amazing weekend of camping, Moore Friends and Lake sailing with even enough wind at times to plane down the lake! Team MUD took 3rd for the weekend and MorJito took 8th out of 12 boats, some fun and challenging lake sailing for the two PNW Boats.

Morjito at Whiskeytown

Then a frightening thing happened, a PNW Moore came up for sale! But thankfully it was quickly picked up by the fun loving couple, Julia and Jacob. The two quickly fixed some deck problems on the boat and then in true Moore fashion they hosted the PNW fleet to a BBQ and Beer on the docks near the dry yard. #60 was renamed Morosaurus and we look forward to seeing them out on the course this fall.


Things then dried up for awhile and boats competed in their own YC’s evening stuff until the Anacortes Yacht Clubs Windermere regatta attended by #43 Amore taking 10th out of 12 in the PHRF fleet up in Anacortes.


Then summer really crept in and was time for the fleet to split between an Southern regatta and Northern Regatta. 4 boats travelled south to Cascade Locks Oregon to join three Oregon boats and had 3 day’s of Moore 24 one design racing for the 2011 Nationals. What a weekend it was with sun, wind and amazing racing. Morphine was doing well but lost their mast on Saturday so in the end after 11 races Bruzer took 1st, More Uff Da took 7th, More Cowbell took 11th, Morpine took 13th, Electric Mayhem took 15th, Morjito took 16th and FreckleMadtom took 18th.


Meanwhile up in the Great White North Pendragon and Peptide took part in the Cowichan Bay Regatta in a very tough PHRF fleet. After 4 races Peptide took 3rd and Pendragon took 5th out of 15 boats for the two day regatta. Always fun racing Cow Bay, maybe we’ll get One Design there again sometime soon if it doesn’t conflict with a Roadmaster.


Then just one week later was the always crazy Double Damned race. 5 PNW Boats made an effort this year and Bruzer took the day again with a 1st place finish. More Cowbell followed with a Second, then Morjito with 7th, More Uff Da with 8th and Electric Mayhem with a 10th out 10. This is the real deal downwind hang on get your ass kicked Moore ride. Wow.


There are some cool races coming up – I’ll write some more about them shortly. We’d love to hear more about what your doing, photo’s/Write-ups are welcome!