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Moore 24 Governing Board for 2011

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Great Pumpkin 2010
President – Simon Winer

Kurt Lahr Huntington Lake 2010
Vice President – Kurt Lahr

Secretary/Treasurer – John Siegel

Measurers: Steve McCarthy, David Hodges, Don Teakle

Dave HodgesDave Hodges

SF Fleet Captain – John Kernot

Santa Cruz Fleet Captain – Sean McBurney

Doug at the Shed.
Northwest Fleet Captain: Doug Archibald

Web Site Design & Maintenance – Aaron Lee, Fred Cox

4th Place in the Roadmaster Series!

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Santa Cruz Nationals 2010
Santa Cruz Nationals 2010

Kathryn Meyer & Bill Blodgett’s Northwest Fleet Moore #124 ‘More Cowbell’ made the effort this year to attend all of the Roadmaster series races and it paid off! Their consistent sailing and three very high finishes kept there score down in this low point scoring system. They missed 3rd place by only 2 points and had a handle on 4th with the 5th place boat coming in 9 points behind them. More Cowbell was one of 6 boats that made the effort to attend all of the Roadmaster series races. All those active boats down in California that had an easy drive to many of the races couldn’t outdo Cowbell on attendance! Great effort, dinga-ling-aling-aling.

Surfcity Racing - Santa Cruz Nationals 2010
Surfcity racing – Santa Cruz Nationals 2010

Many of you may not know the effort it takes to participate in this series when you live 900 miles away from most of the racing, we’re talking over 13,000 miles of driving in order to participate in the entire year’s series. Pause for thought – 13,000 miles of towing that 24’ boat around, sleeping in the back of the van, eating corn dogs at the roadside gas stations, sleep deprivation, all to sail their Moore 24 against and with some great sailors and friends in the Moore 24 Roadmaster series.

CGOD 2010, Cascade Locks - Sean Trew
CGOD 2010, Cascade Locks – Sean Trew

If you haven’t done a Roadmaster race yet, make your New Year’s resolution to attend at least one event in 2011, you won’t regret it. Take a moment to get together with Bill and Kathryn and ask them about there experience. Learn something about the new venue you’d like to go to, listen to their enthusiasm. If you take the time to learn about the venue, the marina, yacht club and all the logistics from someone that has been doing the drives it makes the entire idea seem less daunting. Most importantly, make contact with your fleet, send Kathryn and Bill a congratulatory email, and join in on a Roadmaster event in 2011, you won’t regret it!

Santa Cruz Nationals 2010 w/ the Fennells and their new monogramed baby clothing.
Santa Cruz Nationals 2010 w/ the Fennells and their new monogramed baby clothing.

Take a look at the full Roadmaster results here.

Grand Prix 2010

Friday, December 10th, 2010

With a forecast of 10 to 20 for Friday, light winds out of the SE for Saturday and then a sub 985mb low coming through on Sunday – with it’s forecast 20 to 30 knots – Seattle Yacht Clubs 2010 Grand Prix Invitational was looking like a good time in the Pacific Northwest. Boats are invited from all over the PNW by the Seattle Yacht Club to compete in its’ year end event. Over 300 boats made the invite list and 50 boats made it out to the starting area to enjoy the weekend’s festivities. Including 3 Moores, #4 Moron, #26 More Uff Da, and #132 Sputnik.

Friday’s race starts in the early afternoon and has traditionally been a mid distance race. This year was no different, with winds out of the south in the #2 / top of the #1 range, the A fleets were sent on a 30 miler up across Elliot Bay, then all the way North to Point Wells, back South to West Point, back North to a temporary mark off the Highlands and then to the Finish near Shilshole bay, with a 6 hour time limit. The Smaller boats had shorter courses, and while there was grumbling about not being sent up to Alki like the A fleet – it all ended when they where finishing in the dying Southerly breeze and the A fleeters where still making it around the course. One boat, David Pickett’s N/M 55 ‘Strider,’ barely made it in under the 6 hour time lime, using up 5 hours, 59 minutes & 17 seconds of it. “We paid our money like everyone else and used up the entire time limit.” Beer and Pizza was served at the Corinthian Yacht Club and pleasantly there was some food left for the slow boats, since the large crews on the big boats where still out on the course.

After Day one of the three day event Steve Travis’ OD48 ‘Flash’ had first place in Class one – correcting 6 minutes in-front of the second place boat. Grey Hawkin’s Davidson 40 ‘Teddy Bear’ barely edged over the second place boat in Class 2 to set themselves up with first place on Friday. Class 3 had Stuart Brunells J109 ‘Tantivy’ in first place by another narrow margin. Paul Faget’s Sierra 26 ‘Dos’ stole the day from all the big boats in its’ fleet and finished day one first in class 4. In Class 5 John Cahills Ross 930 ‘Gaucho’ snuck through with a first place finish by 8 seconds after 2 hours and 42 minutes on the course – tight fleet! Finally Class 6 saw Ben Braden’s Moore 24 ‘More Uff Da’ steal first away from the well sailed Tarten Ten ‘Freedom X’ after correction.

Saturday dawned light, with a soft spotty wind blowing out of the South East – It wouldn’t be Grand Prix if we didn’t have an easterly. Boats motored out to the starting area North of Shilshole off the Highlands and waited for the wind to settle on a direction and the marks to be set. Once organized the racing commenced in true Shilshole bay Easterly fashion with one tack beats, one jibe runs, 90 degree wind shifts with reaches from mark to mark, postponements and delays, mark resets and line adjustments. But in the end the RC did the best they could with what they had and got off up to 4 races for some of the classes. It didn’t blow hard, as was the forecast, but it also didn’t rain much and we even saw some sun, so it was hard to complain about the light easterly day. Once again the racers congregated back at Corinthian Yacht Club for the results of the day’s racing.

‘Flash’ dominated class 1 with four 1st place finishes, with Shaun Breeze’s Farr 39 ‘Tachyon’ following suit in class two with 3 firsts and third. ‘Tantivy’ held on to 1st in class 3 at 11 points but the fleet was tight with Charlie Macaulay’s G&S 39 ‘Absolutely’ close on their transom with 13 points. In class 4 PMYC’s Sierra 26 ‘Dos’ skippered by Paul Faget showed their stuff by finishing day 2 with two firsts and a second extending their lead over the second place boat. Class 5 had the closest point spread of the fleet with Josh Larsen’s Olson 30 ‘Lunch Box’ taking the day with 16 points – behind him the boats totals where 17, 18, 19, 20, 20, 22, … It will be anyones day on Sunday in Class 5! PMYC’s ‘More Uff Da’ held onto 1st in class 6 with 2 second place finishes but will have to watch out on Sunday to keep their lead over the well sailed Moore 24 ‘Moore-On’ from Bellingham.

Sunday is the day everyone has been wondering about, the forecast was for 20 to 30 out of the South, but with a sub 985mb low coming through no one really believed that it would only be 20 to 30. As the sailors lined up on the breakwater to look at the sound, the conditions seemed to mellow a bit and we all thought, heck, maybe the forecast is right….and most of the boats headed way out North to the starting area.

Racing started after a short delay with winds at the bottom of the #3 range, 18 to 22 knots, but things slowly changed as race one progressed, the major rain squalls came through and soon mains where being reefed, Spinnakers where being flown in very unique configurations and the retiree list began to grow due to fatigue, damage and injuries. The Swim team made appearance in the 2nd race as well as the Rocket 22 losing their rig after punching their bow into one of the steep waves at 16+ knots.

One particular squall come through that had the crews on the rails wishing they had brought their swimming goggles to stem the pain from the rain drops pelting their eyes in puffs that where now reaching into the 40+ knot range, as most of us had feared. Mains blew out, Spinnakers blew out, man over-boards and one capsize, but the RC’s mark boats where there to help anyone that needed it – and other than a severely damaged hand on ‘Strider’ with broken bones and rope burns – everyone seemed to make it in with minimal physical damage. 33 boats decided not to continue racing for the third and last race of the day – cold, breakages, fatigue, and the 1 hour sail upwind to the marina combined to have over half the boats thinking about hot buttered rums at the dock after the great 3 days of sailing.

Finally the fleet congregated over in Portage Bay at the Seattle Yacht Club for an excellent dinner, free beer and the final results; Steve Travis’ OD48 ‘Flash’ held onto 1st in class one with two second place finishes, consistent sailing in some wildly varying conditions. Shaun Breeze’s Farr 39 ‘Tachyon’ continued their consistent sailing and took home 1st in class two, 5 points ahead of the second place boat ‘Teddy Bear.’ Charlie Macaulay’s G&S 39 ‘Absolutely’ sailed away with Class 3 with a 1,2,1 finish in the big breeze – the old IOR boat can still make it happen! Class 4 mixed things up on Sunday – the stronger breeze switched the leaders from the light boats to the heavy’s but PMYC’s Paul Faget sailing his Sierra 26 ‘Dos’ held onto first with some good finishes in the large fleet of class 4, “everything from furniture’s to 5o5’s.” The hotly contested class 5 was sailed away with on Sunday by Glenn Klutes Melges 24 ‘Trophy Wife,’ showing the fleet what a well sailed Melges can do in the strong winds. Ben Braden’s Moore 24 ‘More Uff Da’ held onto 1st in class 6 finishing the weekend with two 1st place finishes.

Seattle Yacht Club put on another great fun regatta in Grand Prix 2010. Even though they moved the date up a couple of weeks on the calendar the winds Gods where able to produce some strong breeze and the required Southeasterly for a day to make this a traditional Grand Prix Invitational regatta. SYC’s race committee once again did a great job with what was dealt them, here’s looking forward to next year (oh, and that bill from the sail loft…). I’ve decided that from now forward I will call this regatta the “Hot Buttered Rum Invitational.”

Photo’s by Sean Trew – Pacific Fog.

Photo’s by Jan Anderson – Jan’s Marine Photography

Full results can be found at Seattle Yacht Club

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Thursday, December 9th, 2010

April 2, STYC Blakely Rock Benefit

May 7-8, STYC Race To the Straits

June 11-12, AYC Windermere Cup, Anacortes

July 29-31, CGOD, Moore 24 Nationals

Sept 25-26, PMYC ‘Round Bainbridge

October 8-9 CYC PSSC – NW Fleet Championship- Seattle

This six event series will have 2 throw outs.

PSSC will serve as the NW fleet championship regatta and the winner there will be awarded the perpetual trophy currently held by More Uff Da