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Ben & Jen at the Iceberg. . .

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Regarding the Iceberg report, I forgot to mention that Ben & Jen Braden raced, but not aboard Moore Uff Da, rather aboard their BIG new to them Wasa 38 “Vanadis” It has a really TALL mast, lots of string holding it up, reportedly very nice below and a pretty cool racer/cruiser from Sweden. We miss their Moore, but we didn’t miss them beating us up! They’ll continue to be active in the Moore 24 world however, now with BIG muscles from pulling all those long, long strings.
Steve Bunnell

Sloop Tavern Iceberg Regatta 2010

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Steve Bunnell – Sputnik and the Iceberg 2010:

We managed a clean start carrying some speed a bit ahead and leeward of Nate Cruz’s Olson 25 which I figured to be our main competition although I worried some about the Rocket 22 and a Zap 26. The southerly breeze was light, maybe 5 knots but easterly enough to enable us to lay the West Point mark without a tack. Also, we tucked into the West Point lee hoping to escape the ebb tide which would turn just after we made the mark.

The Olson didn’t catch us and we rounded West Point third boat overall which felt pretty good considering that we were the second start. Then a fine spinnaker reach over to Bainbridge Island looking for the mark we always say “We’ve got to get this on a GPS or something so we can find it!” but then promptly forget about when we do round it.

We maintained our third place overall gybing the mark before settling into a very tight spinnaker reach back across the Sound toward the Spring Beach mark which we hoped would really be in place. (in a across-the-sound race two weeks prior, 2 out of the 3 marks were “virtual” which made roundings rather easy!)

But now some of the bigger boats began to waterline us. The breeze was up to about 8 knots but we were not able to get up on a plane what with the spinnaker pulled as flat as possible. Still, we rounded in good position for the beat back to the Shilshole finish. For reasons that didn’t make sense to me, some of the leading boats chose to tack up the shore which historically has less wind. Still, I fretted – did they know something I didn’t? The tide was still flooding (wasn’t it??), why stay inside?

While a few bigger boats passed us we tacked well in good breeze to the finish well ahead of our division competitors. completing the 14 mile course in 3 hours, 15 minutes for a corrected time of third overall out of 29 boats.

Once again I was struck by how well the Moore can go in light air. Known for surfing, they can sure hold their own in lesser winds.

It was a great winter sailing day – 8 knot breeze and 50° weather with 2 big reaching legs. A fine way to begin the year.

Thanks Steve for an excellent account of this race, see how easy it is everyone to right and be published on the website! Send in your articles… oh.. and no Icebergs were harmed during the regatta… !