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#26 Podiums at Nationals!

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

Moore 24 Nationals 2017

Holy bejeezus that was good times! My affinity for the little old Moore 24 is no secret and her infamous beginnings not with standing she’s proven to be a boat that brings together some serious fun loving people. I mean seriously, who would have thunk that a sailor that ruined a good mold burning party by stealing the mold would end up making modifications to this remarkable boat that turned it into an unparalleled inshore and offshore platform that over 40 years later is still capable of taking a serious beating for 3 straight days while bringing together sailors that are more like family than on course rivals.

Anyway, I digress… We had the privilege of competing in the 41st Moore 24 Nationals August 25th thru the 27th and what a Nationals it was! Hosted by one of our favorite California yacht clubs, Richmond Yacht Club, it was certainly one for the record books. Arguably not one of the best attended Nationals in history with 16 boats but certainly memorable and super challenging for everyone that made it out.

The forecasts lined up favorably for us Pacific Northwest Sailors. 17 to 19 knots on Friday, 9ish knots for Saturday and 6 to 7 for Sunday. Nothing crazy and winds that lend themselves towards sailors with more time on their genoa’s than that little non-overlappy thing up forward. – Or So We Thought….

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Weekend Fun

Monday, January 12th, 2015

What did you do this weekend?  Your boat misses you.  But three PNW boats had some active handling this weekend with #72 Morphine & #26 More Uff Da taking on the 3rd race in the Snowbird Series.  Light winds building to 9 knots at one point in the race got the fleet around the short winter course off Shilshole Marina.  Race #4 in the series is coming up in February!

#72 Morphine on their way to 3rd place.

#72 Morphine on their way to 3rd place.

#26 More Uff Da on their way to 1st place

#26 More Uff Da on their way to 1st place

#109, EverMoore is taking on the South Sound series this year and made it out off Des Moines Saturday morning for Race #2, the Duwamish Head race.  Fortunately, for everyone in the race, they were blessed with good friends and a great photographer (Jan Anderson) since they were not blessed with enough wind to start the race down south.  So as the snowbirders were sailing around their course a few hours north the Duwamish Headers were milling around getting their photo’s taken until the race was finally canceled.

Rhys at Duwamish Head

#109 EverMoore at Duwamish Head.

See you on the water soon!

Sputnik makes another splash!

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Sputnik had another great showing this past weekend in the SBYC Snowbird Series, Race 4, taking 3rd place in the class.

Way to go Sputnik, we will see you out there soon!


Nice job Sputnik!

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Well done to the fancy red Moore for a second place in division 3 of the Sloop Tavern YC Iceberg Regatta this past Saturday!

With only twenty three seconds between first and second place, we’re guessing it was a fun time. It’s 2012 and Sputnik has put up a great first NW Moore result of the year.

(For those of you outside of Seattle we’d love to hear what your sailing schedule is going to be this year, drop us an email or post to the yahoo group)

NW Moore at RTC

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Congrats to Ben & Jen Braden on Moore Uff Da for a great job at this year’s Round the County Race!

Team Moore Uff Da took second place in division III, behind only the schooner Martha…a boat 60 feet longer than a Moore.

No doubt this sixth place overall finish was done in style with some ribs grilling on the BBQ making the competition jealous. Hopefully we’ll get a full account of the race soon, but in the meantime nice job Uff Da!

Upcoming PNW Moore Races

Thursday, August 11th, 2011


With only 2 races left to get one design Moore 24 racing in the Pacific Northwest it’s time to come together as a fleet and show up with strong numbers! First up is the Port Madison Yacht Clubs Round Bainbridge Island Race on September 25th and 26th. This one is a blast! Boats start off the NE end of Bainbridge Island at Pt. Monroe. They then head south around the southern end of the island and through the strong running Rich Passage to Bremerton where they spend the night. Potluck side dish dinner with a YC sponsored BBQ followed by stories on the dock until the wee hours. Sunday morning the fleet races from Bremerton North up the West side of Bainbridge Island, through Agate Pass to the finish off of Hidden Cove.


So far our fleet captain, Doug Archbald, is planning on bringing his Moore (#111) up from Oregon and #26 is planning on being out. Both of these boats will be going double handed, which we recommend for sleeping on the boat but if you want to bring 3 go right ahead – we’d rather have more boats out than have someone not come because they aren’t comfortable racing with only 2. If you have any questions please email them to, or at


Following this race #111 will be looking for a spot to leave their Moore for the time up until CYC Seattle’s PSSC which is also our fleet Championships this year. If you have a spot they can park it please let us know it’s available at The Puget Sound Sailing Championship is buoy racing held off of Shilshole Bay Marina on October 8th and 9th. Some fun challenging buoy racing to finish the year for the PNW Moore fleet. Please chime in that you are coming so we can let CYC know we will have a fleet. Email your RSVP to and let us know if you are coming. With 5 boats in the dry yard, #26 and #111 we should have a strong start with 7 boats. If you have space for travelers at your house offer it up and help get people involved!


Monday, April 4th, 2011

Still Thinkin’ About You Joel!


More Cowbell starts the NorthWest Trek series with a bang by taking first in the STYC Blakely Rock Benefit race.

Monday, April 4th, 2011


6 NW Moore 24’s made it out this past Saturday, with one boat, #111 ‘Morjito’ making the trip North from Hood River, Oregon to enjoy the festivities. As the only one design class amongst the 12 classes the 6 Moore 24’s stood out as they started 5th in the line up.  Start they did with #67 ‘Tom Foolery’ and #114 ‘Frecklebelly Madtom’ pushing over the line early as the 6 boats aggressively attacked the favored pin end of the line.  With the light air and predicted flood current just starting it was anyones guess on which way to go.  #132 ‘Sputnik’ immediately tacked West for the flood current while ‘More Cowbell’, ‘Morjito’, and ‘Uff Da’ worked up the Shilshole breakwater to the ship canal before heading West across the wash.


With the restarted boats working up the middle ‘Cowbell’ led the fleet West towards the expected current but as the breeze died ‘Uff Da’ tacked back in to the West Point beach and worked puffs up the shore to the point, slipped over the sand bar and led the fleet out into the sound towards the Rock.  The winds shifted to the east and soon everyone was jib reaching up and down looking for the start of the flood current for some extra push.  First ‘Sputnik’ found a current push and shot forward so fast ‘Uff Da’ had to reach down to cover the lane.  Then ‘Freckle’ found a lane and shot forward causing the leaders to reach down again to get into the new lane.


‘Uff Da’ finally raised their chute within a half mile of the rock and quickly the fleet of 6 had their chutes up and pulling, slightly, towards the mark.  ‘Uff Da’ made it around first with a good lead but as the rest of the Moore’s rounded the mark a Southerly materialized that shot everyone forward and back into the race.  ‘Uff Da’ politely sat and waited for the rest to catch up and once everyone passed by them they caught some breeze but also a good case of sea madness at the change of events.  ‘Freckle’ and ‘Foolery’ worked down the middle of the sound pushing the edge of the Southerly while the other four boats worked the edge of the Southerly breeze towards the beach at Magnolia and a hoped for eddie and shore push.


While working the shore the leads changed quickly as boats leap-frogged each other north towards West point.  Once the group reached the point ‘Uff Da’ came off the beach on Starboard while ‘Cowbell’ crossed their bow heading in closer to the beach.  What the Cowbeller’s didn’t know was that ‘Uff Da’ was sailing in only 7 feet of water and as ‘Cowbell’ tacked over the keel touched down and they where stuck – but only for a moment.  Quickly off the bottom ‘Cowbell’ was able to tack below ‘Uff Da’s’ bow and lead them over the sand bar into Shilshole bay, and the building Northerly.  ‘Cowbell’ sat in the commanding leeward position and forced ‘Uff Da’ into a clearing tack and some negative current to weather.


Tacking back in to the bay ‘Uff Da’s’ sea madness kept spawning and they got squeezed off by ‘Sputnik’ from the lee bow and a 40’er to weather.  Tacking out to clear again ‘Uff Da’ was stuck in some bad current and tried for a flyer to the West that never materialized.  The Cowbeller’s had a dominate lead at the now weather mark and rounded chute pulling towards the finish followed a few minutes later by ‘Sputnik’.  Pleasantly the winds now became shifty and light favoring the boats from behind and ‘Cowbell’ barely hung on to their lead finishing only 40 feet in front of little red Russian Moore.  Almost 15 minutes later came ‘Uff Da’, the BBQ smoking away with some grilling pork ribs followed very closely by ‘Frecklebelly Madtom’ again finishing within 40’ of each other with ‘Freckle’ catching them quickly at the finish.  5th place went to #67 ‘TomFoolery’ and the travelers from Oregon, the newly remodeled #111 ‘Morjito’ finished only 34 seconds behind to take 6th place.


Challenging day for the first race of the series and it was great to see some a new boat participating and a boat being willing to travel in order to find one design sailing.  Next up in the series is the double handed Race to the Straits – Hope to see you there!

Photo’s by Sean Trew (

The NW Trek 2011 Kickoff!

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Last years overall winner

April 2, STYC Blakely Rock Benefit
May 7-8, STYC Race To the Straits
June 11-12, AYC Windermere Cup, Anacortes
July 29-31, CGOD, Moore 24 Nationals
Sept 25-26, PMYC ‘Round Bainbridge
October 8-9 CYC PSSC – NW Fleet Championship- Seattle

The 2011 NW Trek series starts off this coming weekend with the Blakely Rock Benefit Race hosted by the Sloop Tavern Yacht Club.  4 Moore’s are entered, so far, for this fun benevolent race around Blakely Rock and back – including last years overall PHRF winner, a Moore 24, ‘More Uff Da’.   Hope to see you all out for this benefit race, entry, breakfast, raffle and auction monies go directly to the Ballard Food Bank, a great cause.  If you can’t make this race take a look at the list above and get out to 3 or 4 of em!

Moore-phing Into Another Decade, The Moore 24: Still The Classic

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Revisiting the old classic advertisment

Moore-phing Into Another Decade, The Moore 24: Still The Classic
Article By Jeremy Leonard Surf City Racing


30 boats strong, the Moores returned home for yet another Nationals

It’s a bright, sunny afternoon in early October 2010 and a fleet of 30 Moore 24s are sailing their North Americans out of Santa Cruz Yacht Club. I’m in the hills above Santa Cruz and I’m standing in a redwood grove on the spot where the plug for a boat named Grendel, the predecessor to the Moore 24, was almost destroyed. Grendel was designed and built by the legendary yacht designer George Olson with his friend Wayne Kocher in an effort to capitalize even further on the success they had had with a previous boat named Sopwith Camel.

According to John Moore, one of the partners in Moore Sailboats at the time, “George got his inspiration for Grendel from a drawing that he saw in a Herreshoff book. You know how it is looking at the line drawings in a book? It’s to scale. They just eyeballed the drawings I think.” Grendel was designed by taking the mathematical data from the lines they drew from the book and plugging them into a computer that was the size of a house located at Cabrillo College, making Grendel one of the first sailboats to use a computer in the design. John’s brother Ron adds, “George was in love with this model boat that he had, it had these apple-cheek bows, and that’s what he put onto Grendel.”

Continue reading the article HERE!  It’s a Great one.